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The Digital Marketing Guide will show you how to attract your perfect clients or customers by teaching you how to transform your website into a lead generation tool, craft a message that connects with your audience and build lasting relationships through social media.

Chapter 1: SEO

This chapter includes an effective, but simple to understand, on-page optimization checklist.

Chapter 2: Content Writing

In this section, you will learn 37 content writing tips used by SEO copywriting experts.

Chapter 3: Success Tools

Great digital marketing requires great tools. View a massive list of free resources and tools to help you.
Mindy’s superpower is SEO. I have worked with countless people who claim to know what they are doing, and I have never come across someone who understands the technical side, can explain it to a non-technical person, and then jump over and give my coders EXACTLY what they need to do. Michael J. Breus, PhD

The Sleep Doctor

For years, the world of SEO and digital marketing felt complex and paralyzing—so I pretty much abandoned any attempt to do SEO, thinking I’d need to spend big money to hire an expert to do it for me. Then I took a training with Mindy Weinstein. Yes, she’s brilliant and on the cutting edge of SEO and digital marketing. But just as important, she can actually TEACH non-techies like me simple but massively effective techniques for driving more qualified leads—and ultimately sales—into our businesses. After attending a workshop with Mindy, I went back into my business and implemented a simple video SEO strategy that has generated tens of thousands of dollars in sales for my business. Eleanor Beaton

Founder, Fierce Feminine Leadership

About the Author

Mindy is a digital marketing strategist, national speaker and published author. She has taught SEO and social media to companies of all sizes—from small businesses to major brands. Mindy has been featured in the media, including shows on NBC, ABC, Bloomberg Radio and more.